- Ancient Zoidian

     There is very little said about Ancient Zoidians in the anime. They are a species of humanoids that existed before the real humans became a part of Zi's population. In their time the world was very different, and Zoidians had a close connection with their Zoid partners, to such an extent that they could communicate on a near-telepathic level.

     In the end of their days, the Ancient Zoidians were almost completely annihilated by the Death Saurer. When this evil Zoid went out of control it destroyed most of the planet, and many Ancient Zoidians, and their Organoids, had to be sealed away in capsules. Most Ancient Zoids perished from the damages, too large to effectively seal, and the Death Saurer was eventually brought down by a set of scorpion Zoids to counter it. By that time, it was too late to undo the damage that had been done, and the humanoid races were forced to rebuild their civilization.

- Borderline Imperial Mountains

     These mountains are not far from the border between the Republican and Imperial border. It is one of the thickest forests seen in Chaotic Century, with thick, moss covered trees and other properties akin to a rain forest. The mountain seems relatively unexplored with only a few transport roads going through it, but also has some beautiful running rivers.

- Borderline Imperial Mountain Ruins

     The mountain ruins along the Imperial Border are originally built into caves in the side of the mountain, and are of paramount importance in Ancient Zoidian times. This place was formerly undiscovered until Hiltz and his subordinates managed to find and excavate the ruins.

     What made these ruins so important were their contents. A massive capsule contained in the ruin is implied to have been the remains of two ancient scorpion type Zoids that were used to fight the ancient Death Saurer. I would theorize that it was only the cores stored in this ruin, as the combined result of the Death Stinger was later developed in a massive tank in the same fashion as Prozen's Death Saurer clone, which may imply that the Zoid was developed from scratch, and only used the cores of the prehistoric Zoids. It is also nearly unheard of to find ancient Zoids in capsules that are not Organoids, but it is later seen that the size of the Death Stinger core is massive, which could explain the size of the capsule.

     When this capsule is discovered Ambient is merged to it, which could be to activate the capsule, or to resurrect the Zoids inside (if there were indeed complete Zoids). Either way, the capsule in its entirety was gone when it was later investigated by the Guardian Force. Only a crater remained on ground level, and a tablet in the ceiling that indicated the Zoids contained within. Either way, it is the largest capsule ever seen in the Zoids series.

- Borderline Imperial Town

     This remote town was the target of Hiltz' second subordinate group. They were threatened that if they did not leave the town by the end of the week, that they would be destroyed. Their only life line was the land, however. Filled with orchids and fields it was the perfect place for them to be self sustaining, and there was no where else for these humble people to go. They chose to stay and were thankfully helped by the Guardian Force.

- The City of Wind

     The City of Wind is a beautiful place that has lush forests and a small town. Part of the cities power comes from numerous wind mills stationed around the border. The former Emperor Zeplin's estate was once located in this place, but what happned to it after Rudolph was proclaimed assassinated is unknown. At least, up until it is burned to the ground by Glen's Border Line Security Unit.

- Cronos Fortress

     Cronos Fortress is a massive base under the control of the Republican Army. Over the years it was depleted from war, and soon nearly a ruin. In order to take one last stand against the Imperial Forces of the area, Kernel Krueger ordered the base to be sacrificed in a self destruct to wipe out a massive amount of the Imperial soldiers.

- Desert Republican Fortress

     This unnamed fortress was shown in Episode 26 where it was attacked (and destroyed) by Raven's Genosaurer. It is built along the cliff side and seems to have a very large stock of Gordos, heavy artillery Zoids used by the Helic Republic.

- Desert Mines (Abandoned)

     This mine is located presumably within Imperial space, but is so far out of the way that it's hard to imagine anyone finding it easily. It happens to be built into cliff sides and mountains, with intricate well developed tunnels and many, many levels. All in all this mine seems to be in excellent condition for being abandoned, and even still has power running to it. The top of one cliff face drops off into a large unnamed river.

- Desert Ruins (Abandoned City)

     A massive city lays in ruins in the middle of the desert. Though the ruin is not given any specific name, it is noted to be under the use of the Republican Army as an integral territory for Sleeper Zoids. The Sleepers in the area watch for contraband being transported illegally.

     Many of the buildings have become large bodies of water, gathering over 15 feet at the depths. It was noted that some Zoids inside the ruins had been destroyed and submerged in the water, having crashed through the ceiling to allow the rain to gather to begin with.

- Desert Town (Unnamed)

     A simple unnamed Town in Imperial Territory. It seems to be pretty run down and acts as a hot spot for bandits and mercenaries to hang out. The only noted place in this town is the pub.

- Dragon Head Rock

     Dragon Head Rock is a rock formation along the Red River. It is shaped, well, like a dragons head, and is a notable land mark referenced by the army.

- Ebonei Air Base

     Ebonei Air Base is a military Air Force base located within Imperial territory. The base has cliffs and canyons near by so is presumably well defended from ground units. At one point in time Ebonei was extremely small, noted to have only a couple of standard Redlers at the base. Later in time the base was noticed by Prozen and used to develope and upgrade a large number of Redlers. These remodeled Zoids were simply called the "Black Redler" and after the revisions were complete the base had a massive 40 Redlers within their possession.

     The interior has a massive screen and large glass panaramic windows. A series of buttons and screens adorn the panels between windows. Oddly, this base has a self destruct button in the central room, which sets of a warning siren and soon after destroys the base from the ground up. This incident occurs when Lieutenant Schubaltz realized Ralph's intentions to murder Emperor Rudolph.

     The base is overseen by Ralph, under the command or Prozen, and up until its destruction carried out both training operations and coordinated defensive combat. A unit at the base is noted to be the Eisenbeck Unit.

- Eisenbeck Unit

     The Eisenbeck unit is an Imperial Air Force unit stationed at the Ebonei Air Base. The unit consists entirely of Black Redlers that were developed under the command of Regent Prozen and the unit itself is lead by Ralph, with Mueller acting as one of his main subordinates. Within Episode 29 there are over 40 Redlers recorded to be at the base. How many are in the Eisenbeck Unit is undetermined, but roughly 10 are noted to be deployed at any one time.

- Elemia Desert

     The Elemia Desert is the home of the Wind Colony, and his located on the Imperial continent Europa. It is made up almost entirely of massive sand dunes, instead of wastelands like most deserts on Earth are. Scattered areas of greenery seem to be inhabited by the desert's few citizens, and the rolling sands hide many bandits, who make their home in areas that they're unlikely to be discovered in.

- Elemia Desert Colony (Unnamed)

     Aside from the Wind Colony, there's also another Colony in the Elemia Desert, although the name of it is not mentioned.

     This desert colony has a large lake Oasis, lots of greenery, and water mills. Due to the total lack of Zoids in the colony, and its resources, the Colony frequently falls under attack from Ex-communicated Imperial Soldiers; notably the Desert Alcabalino Gang.

     If that weren't enough trouble, the colony is surrounded by Aquifers. It is mentioned by civilians that greedy individuals decided to dig up the aquifers to make some money. Much of the ground around the village is unstable, and it has massive holes outside the main town area.

- Elemia Desert Fortress

     The Elemia Desert Fortress is a massive ruin in the Elemia Desert. The entire fortress is surrounded on almost all sides with large cliffs that tower over the roofs, and has only a single pathway leading out to the desert. Under normal circumstances it would be an incredible fortress, but the base had to be abandoned when enemy forces became too strong.

     Left behind in the ruin was a White Gordos, who had served in the army up until then. He was left behind when his damaged leg kept him from following the others. He stayed at the ruin for 50 years, protecting it from intruders.

     Mysteriously, the fortress appears to have once been an Ancient Zoidian ruin. Pillars inside are covered in text, noticed by Fiona, and speaks of the Zoid Eve. The base was likely restored later due to its strong construction and incredibly defensive location.

- Elemia Desert Ruins

     The Elemia Desert is an expansive desert full of sand, which seems to encase a massive territory. Within this desert, large ruins stand out of the sand and foreshadow the world around them. Among these is the unnamed ruin where Van Flyheight finds the Organoid Zeke and Ancient Zoidian girl Fiona.

     This desert ruin was proven to once be under military control. Rather this ruin was established by the Helic Republic, or if it was in use and restored from Ancient Zoidian times is unclear. However, military had been able to transport pods in the past after removing them from the ruin, so it could be either. The Ruin is also seen to have secret passages, including the one where the pod was first seen, and was abandoned in haste.

     Curiously enough, the ruin seems to have a large Gojulas leaning against its outer wall. The Gojulas was a massive Republican Zoid that had not been sent into battle until much later, so for there to be a now-decayed Gojulas outside of the ruins is a minor plot hole. There was also an abandoned Shield Liger left, supposedly still alive- even if dormant, as it had not yet lost its color.

- Europa

     Supposedly named after the ice moon of Jupiter, Europa is the Imperial Continent. Although it is divided amongst both Helic Republic and Guylos Empire troops, it is notable to be the Guylos Imperial land. It is also the land on which the Zoid Eve resides.

     Europa is only mentioned by name once in the anime, and is mispronounced as Eupora instead.

- Evolution

     Zoids are incredible creatures, but even with their extensive use by the armies they are hardly understood. The Zoid Core is the most intriguing part of a Zoid and it has been known that under the right circumstances the core, combined with the power of an Organoid can trigger an evolution of the Zoid.

     Evolution seems to have varying rules. It could be speculated that the evolution depends on both the Zoid, the pilot, and even the Organoid's personal experience. The renowned scientist Dr. D noted that the Shield Liger evolving in such a short period of time, which was only 1-3 days was impressive considering that the pilot was only a child. Zeke also manages to evolve the Shield Liger into the Blade Liger in roughly the same amount of time it takes for Shadow to evolve the Geno Breaker, while other Organoids, such as Ambient, are capable of instant evolution (while Ambient is known to be awakened a bit earlier than the other two, and in training much longer before either of them.)

     Although it is not discussed at length in the series, Ancient Zoidians seem to be able to influence evolution to an extent when merged with an Organoid. During the actual evolution process the Zoid is encased with a caccoon if it is considered that it will require an extended period of time. Immediate evolutions are not noted to have such a caccoon.

     Regardless of the methods used, as far as the Chaotic Century anime is concerned every Zoid is a remodeled version of the earlier form. There is no (visibly shown) evolution that involvse changing the entirety of the frame, although cases like the Death Stinger are still up for debate. In the case of the Blade Liger, this Zoid has modified armor pieces and paws, but over all shares the same frame. The Geno Breaker is only a red Genosaurer with greater power, more instability, and a modified jet pack. The results and the type of Zoid that a unit is evolved into varies, but all evolutions noted in the series have an inclination towards feral or close range combat.

- Fire Bridge

     Fire Bridge is a large bridge that crosses the Red River. It is incredibly strong, designed to allow safe passage for multiple Zoids, and is capable of holding the weight of well over a dozen.

- Gaphkee Karl Fever

     Gafkey Karl Fever is an incredibly dangerous illness common in some parts of the Empire. While it is certainly unpleasant for adults it is deadly to children, and will cause death if a vaccination is not administered within two to three days. Like most common illnesses this fever is especially dangerous to individuals who suffer from a weakened immune system.

- Gallos

     Gallos are the monetary currency said to be used in Zoids Chaotic Century, at least by the Empire. Though there isn't a particuarly specific rate of exchange it doesn't seem to be too horribly different in value from the United States Dollar. The actual exchange of money is very rarely seen.

- Guardian Force

     The Guardian Force is a task force that was established by the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire, following a series of troubling events after the war. The purpose of the unit was to pursue criminals that were trying to reinstigate conflict between the nations, as well as rebels that used Zoids to disturb the peace. Each officer of the Guardian Force was given a very unique pendant featuring a combination insignia of both nations, as well as a military badge featuring the same.

- Glen's Border Line Security Unit

     Glen's Border Line Security Unit consists of one Dark Horn, two Iron Kong BG, and at least three Heldigunner. It is lead by Glen (big surprise) and in time has become corrupt. They were responsible for burning the entire City of Wind simply because they didn't have anything valuable enough to steal, but receive their retribution when they are hunted down and murdered by the Three Guards unit.

- Gurrill Plateau

     The Gurrill Plateau is one of the many locations on Zi with ancient ruins. It is mentioned by Dr. D that it used to contain a thriving civilization, but it is never specified how they fell. The plateau seems to rest somewhere within Republican territory but has been fought for by the Imperial Army.

- Gurrill Ruins

     The Gurrill Ruins are, of course, ruins that rests on the Gurrill Plateau. It is noted to have once been the home of a thriving civilization, but no reference is made to how they disappeared. Although the land is in Republican Territory, or at least on their border, it is heavily guarded by Imperial sleeper units. These units have been instructed not to cause any harm to the surrounding ruins, so regardless of everything that the Empire has taken out of the ruin they very obviously feel that the land needs more excavation, or perhaps that the hieroglyphs on every wall need more translation studying.

- Hiltz Subordinate Groups

     Throughout the series Hiltz used a number of subordinate groups composed of bandits and rebels. Many of these groups lacked names, so they will simply be listed below in the order that they appeared. Almost all groups seemed to have had some assistance for equipment and Zoid assets from Hiltz or Ambient. Rease is not included in these groups.

Group 1: Stealth Viper
     The first assailant that was hired by Hiltz was an unnamed man who showed quite a bit of fear for the man and his Organoid. He was loned Ambient to defeat Van, using a Stealth Viper, and destroyed a number of Republican bases along his way to the Wind Colony. When he failed to complete his job he was thrown off a cliff and killed. The Zoid was destroyed earlier by Van Flyheight.

Group 2: 15 Desert Command Wolves and 1 Desert Gordos MI
     The second group that were working under his control were a group of desert bandits. This group used a series of Desert Command Wolves and a Gordos that was equipped with the Magnetic Induction Weapons developed by the Guylos Empire. Their motives were not clarified in detail, but they had demanded that the near by town evacuate within one week or be destroyed. This group was dispatched by Van Flyheight and Thomas Schubaltz of the Guardian Force.

Group 3: Six Helcats
     The third group consisted entirely of Helcats. At this point it began to become apparent that Hiltz intended to mess with the Guardian Force. Each of his plants were intentionally designed to draw the attention of the military powers. In this case, he had his bandits sieze supply transports that were going through the mountains. They even struck groups that didn't come particularly close to the caves. The alternative goal was to protect a cave being excavated by Hiltz, which would contain some very dangerous items.

Group 4: The Zoid Hunters
     The fourth group is one of the only ones that gained a reputable name with the army, the "Zoid Hunters." Their combat units were mostly Desert Heldigunners but they amassed a large number of Zoids while stealing sleepers that had not yet been recovered by the army. This group used a fusion furnace of sorts in attempt to evolve and mutate Zoid cores. This group will be explained in greater detail in an article at the bottom of this page, due to their distinguished status.

- Hover Board

     Hover Boards are a mode of transportation, much like skateboards. Although they're never seen in the later part of the series, Van Flyheight uses one quite effectively in his home Colony of the Elemia Desert. Aside from hovering, these boards are seen to have a jump function that allows them to make a bounding leap into the air- over 10 feet. The controls are connected by a lengthy wire that is held in ones hand during use, and connects to the back of the board. These devices are not indicated to be made by Van, in spite of his mechanical talents. They are used by other members of the team in other episode.

- Humans

     Humans make up most of the cast. Ancient Zoidians are exceptionally rare, and most of Zi's inhabitants are often distant descendants of mixed race.

     Zoids has a wide cultural variety. Many humans have markings on their face, usually tattoos. These marks usually indicate a person's origin or alliance. For example, many people in the Wind Colony have the square marking that is also on Van's left cheek. Members of the Desert Alcabalino Gang all have the same stripe across their face. These cultural differences distinguish an individual, but it is also shown that most humans on Zi have a very accepting attitude towards members of different cultures. It is also worth mentioning that it is not uncommon to see members of one Colony with a wide variety of markings, or no markings at all.

- Icelina Colony

     The Colony of Mount Iselina is a secluded group. They live in the safety of the fog, and at the top of the mountain, use solar panels to power their equipment. These panels can easily be lifted and uprooted for use of refracting light in the fog, creating illusions that can deter Imperial forces.

     Most of the Icelina Colony has never seen life outside of the mountain. They have remained hidden, hoping to never have to be drawn into the war, but occasionally, one person will leave the village. Most believe that they will never willingly return, and elders are often discouraged by the youngster's eagerness to see more of life outside, where war is abound.

- Imperial Deserter Base

     This base was known to be causing serious problems for a near by, unnamed town. They not only stole basic supplies, including food, but also stole vaccinations and medications for illnesses in the area. They were noted to be made up of Imperial Army deserters who were trying to avoid capture by the Empire, and thus had no qualms going to criminal distances to fend for themselves. Their arsenal consists of Red Horns and Rev Raptors.

- Imperial Mountains

     These beautiful unnamed mountains are some of the only lush, green forest left in Imperial territory. While the bases seem to be more baron it is well sustained, supporting a small town near the center of the range. Near the peaks of the heavily forested areas are huge, stunning waterfall. Military units have mobile bases and jail cells meant to keep prisoners while they're on the move, and frequent the mountain territory. In spite of their influence in the area it is implied to some extent that the military itself does not have much knowledge of the heavily forested areas.

     It's worth noting that Imperial Soldiers in this area wear black arm bands around their left arm to signify their allegiance to their unit.

- Imperial Mountain City

     Aside from the town mentioned above there is one other Imperial Mountain town that is noted in Chaotic Century. This town is much greener with healthier mountains, but thinner forests. While the town once did well for itself it has recently been plagued by Imperial deserters who wished to steal from the town to better their own means. The only noticable places are an on-street market and a church.

- Imperial Ring of Guylos

     The Imperial Ring of Guylos is a symbol that an individual is the true ruler. It is said that without the ring even the rightful heir cannot become Emperor. This proves to be a huge problem for the young Emperor Rudolph, as well as many thieves that want to steal the ring.

     The ring appears to be made out of gold, with the engraved Dragon emblem of Guylos carved onto its surface with a stunning ruby in the middle of the cross guard. Rudolph carries it on a chain around his neck, but Prozen chooses to wear the ring.

- Inei Bridge (and River)

     The Inei River is a river that runs near Guygalos. It has a large stone bridge required to enter a large fortress. Although it is not specified that this palace is built on an island it is noted that there is no way out if the bridge is destroyed.

     Inei Palace is guarded by a force of 50 units. This force is made up almost entirely of Royal Molgas and Royal Heldigunners, standard units that have a customized color scheme. There is also a Royal Zaber stationed at the unit but it is, for some reason, not used in regular combat. Perhaps it is reserved strictly for VIP visitors.

- Inei River Ruins

     The Inei River Ruins are some of the oldest ruins around, but were never seen in their original state. It is assumed that these ruins are where the Death Saurer had fallen, as it is where it was resurrected, and, well, moving a Zoid that size can't be easy.

     Ontop of these ruins Prozen established a scientific labratory. It is marked as a high security military zone, and is so heavily guarded that even the Prime Ministers are unaware of what is being developed at the base. When the Death Saurer awakens from its slumber it destroys the base, leaving nothing but a massive crater where the ruins once stood.

- Jamming Snow

     Jamming Snow is first seen in Episode 17, when it is deployed from Prozen's moving Glacier base. It is deployed by use of a missile, and although the snow is artificial, and used to create a strong electro-magnetic disturbance, it effectively changes the atmosphere by dropping the air temperature as well.

- Jerome Town

     Jerome Town has a general impression much like an old western town. It has a wooden water tower and old fashioned buildings decorating the main streets. Notable locations include the First Chance restaraunt (don't ask about the name) that seems to specialize in spongey, alchoholic foods. There's also the classy "Fishers Hotel" and a store/cafe spelled as "Cafee."

- Light Beacon

     A simple red light system installed onto a Zoid or stationary location. This object acts as a beacon for aerial Zoids (or other units) in harsh weather or atmospheric conditions, allowing them to find their way back, or to their commander.

- Light Town

     Light Town is set into the mountains within Imperial territory. Fairly large, it has a lot of Imperial influence. Soldiers and supporters frequent the pub near by and nobody seems to mind the constant military presence, or even that fact that the military intereferes with their every day lives (such as taking down the phone lines to prevent unwanted communications.)

- Magnetic Induction Weapon

     This unique technology was first developed by the Guylos Empire. The basis of the equipment was that these magnetic pulse items would push and pull shelling ammunition in the direction that the user wanted. Positioned strategically, they can take the ammunition coming from one direction and redirect it at the enemy. If a unit was careful enough it could protect itself on all sides from standard ammunitions.

     When actually put into use this technology relied on the Multiple Missile Diffusion System that was developed by the Republican army. It is extremely likely that the MMDS was received during the Weapons Exchange Program put into plac after the war, as it would have worked very nicely for dispersing the technology, which was then installed to the ends of the spears.

     The strange thing is that this technology was assumed to still be in development when it was witnessed in battle. It is possible that it was stolen by Hiltz for the sake of instigating the war.

- McMan's Mansion

     McMan is a very rich trader/importer that works with the Guylos Empire. His necessary trading has made him insanely rich, allowing him to purchase land in one of the most heavily forested areas around. This land features a large mansion, a huge shack that can store Zoids, and a series of massive, rotating underground hangars. Nevermind that the entire place is set up with killer surround side.

- Milotos Palace

     Milotos Palace is within the Guylos Imperial palace. It is an inner sanctum where the Emperor and his family spends most of their time, with an expansive, beautiful garden and large palace in the center. The walls are decorated with jade and gold accessories, making this establishment look as regal as it could be.

- Mount Iselina

     Mount Iselina is said to be the first line of defense for the Republican Army, but the fog makes it almost completely unapproachable by anyone involved in the war. At the top of the mountain lives a colony that has remained detached from the world for years. Their older inhabitants have strongly believed that everyone should remain in the village, as the outside world is a cruel place stricken by war and murders.

     Mount Iselina is said to have a monster that lives in the fog. In spite of the hazards of traveling it to begin with, this is the reason that most people are afraid to approach it. It turns out that this 'monster' is only a play on light. The real monster is a Godos, who's shadow cast in the fog appears to be a monstrous beast.

- Mount Osa

     Mount Osa is an active Volcano, constantly spitting lava from its top. It is said that Zoid Magnite is found in the caldera of the Volcano, which makes it extremely difficult to extract, as it is also mentioned that the lava in Mount Osa burns at well over 2000 degrees. Near the base is a military establishment, built into the bottom of the Mountain. This base was one of the first deployments of the "ZG" (Gojulas) in the series, although it is noted that they had previously been deployed elsewhere (indicated by the fact that Schubaltz knew this Zoid by accurate name, and not just its military code name.)

- Mount Osa City

     * Name not confirmed, but a city also rests on the other side of Mount Osa, away from the mountains. This city was abandoned when the Volcano began to erupt, and the war began to move towards it.

- Mount Osa Military Base

     Mount Osa Military Base is held by the Helic Republic, and built deep inside of the active Volcano Mnt. Osa. The base's precarious position is a leap of faith, as it is confirmed that should the volcano really blow its lid, that the base in its entirety would be destroyed. And it later is, when the Helic Republic abandons the base in favor of protecting New Helic City, which is not far away.

- Multiple Missile Diffusion System

     The Multiple Missile Diffusion System is a weapon system that was originally developed for the ZG. In spite of this being clearly stated, it never saw use by any Gojulas unit, and instead was used only once in its original form Command Wolf IT. In spite of the weapon's name, the Command Wolf IT is known as the Command Wolf SM (Spear Missile; Not stated in the anime) with the Diffusion System equipped.

     Later on, a customized version of this weapon appeared to be used with a desert schemed Gordos. The system had been customized to use Imperial technology. This implies that it's possible that the Multiple Missile Diffusion System, while not used frequently as a Republican Zoid weapon, was handed over to the Empire in the Mutual Weapons Exchange program, where it would be adapted for non-weapon use.

     The customized system on Desert themed Gordos used the same ammunition but was a much wider box, supporting a firing of 14 diffusion missiles at once, instead of 8.

- Mutual Weapons Exchange Program

     The Mutual Weapons Exchange Program was a program developed as a symbol of trust between the nations. After the war had ended each side agreed to trade each other weapons from their own arsenal. This could refer to anything from weapons to Zoids, as it is known that such high class Zoids as the Dibison were traded to the Empire during the program.