- Energy Shield

- General Information

 An Energy Shield (often shortened to E-Shield) is a support equipment item most commonly seen in the lion species. It generates a powerful barrier around the Zoid and can tank enemy attacks up to a certain damage consumption point. This is most useful for clearing the distance between the user and their target (seen in the battle story), but is often used as a flat out ramming attack in the anime.

- Technical Information

Static Appearance: No, Different for Each Zoid
Featured: Zoids Fan Books
Zoids Chaotic Century Anime
Zoids Guardian Force Anime
Zoids New Century Zero Anime
Zoids Fuzors Anime
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Berserk Fürher
Blade Liger Variations
King Liger
Liger Zero Schneider
Shield Liger Variations

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Quick Facts
  • Does not always require specialized (physical) external equipment.
  • Is not indistructible. Broken by heavy weight (physical) or high density ranged attacks.
  • One E-Shield can be used to short out another.
  • Certain energy frequencies from weaponry can increase the power of the shield (Blade Liger's blades).

  •  An external materialization of energy that protects a Zoid. It acts as a literal shield, taking different shapes and colors. These colors are often related to the power output of the shield. While many Zoids (such as the Blade Liger) use specialized panels for additional output, these are not necessary. Zoids like the Lightning Saix were able to install these systems without panels using a simple disc.

     The Shield's power is not indefinite. A strong impact, such as a melee move can destroy an Energy Shield. Gun fire is less effective, though specialized ammunition (usually that with a lot of force, rarely energy based) is able to puncture the shield with varied success. A primary weakness known to all of these barriers is that if confronted by another Energy Shield, both will cease to function. On the opposite side of the spectrum shields are known to gain additional power when used with particular energy frequences, such as the Blade Liger's energy blades.

     External shields generate one panel at a time, usually taking one or two seconds to fully manifest. E-Shields is a short term for Energy Shield but often is used specifically for shields that wrap close to the body. These particular types of shields allow Zoids to continue firing.

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