- Upcoming Releases

    While we try to keep a list of upcoming releases on the main page there are often multiple choices for who to buy from, details that are posted on blogs, and other information scattered across the web. This page will serve to keep track of upcoming Zoid releases (not including re-releases). All brand new items being released will be detailed on this page, and as they cycle out we'll add pages for older products.

    Updates for this page may not be posted on the home page, since we tend to post the individual announcements there anyway. Each page will stop updating once the product has been released.

- Upcoming Directory

Masterpiece Shield Liger
Unknown Release
1/100 Scale Murasame Liger
Possible January Release
HMM Death Stinger
Unknown Release

- Past Release Directory

New Century /Zero BR BOX
August 2nd Release
Liger Zero CAS Set (Clear)
August Release
Blade Liger Leon (Renewal Ver.)
October Release
threezero Shield Liger
Now Released
Release Unnoted
Release Unnoted