- EX Volume 9 - Whitz Wolf

- Customize Manual Vol. 1: Whitz Wolf

Heavy Arms Whitz Wolf

     This unit adds additional armaments to the lightly equipped Whitz Wolf. Its speed is extremely slow, but its defensive and shooting abilities have improved significantly.

Build Instructions

Create the strongest original Zoids with this customization!

     Step One: (Upper Right)
          If you remove the Triple Ion Booster, you'll see the BLOX joints here as well.

     Step Two: (Middle Right)
          Dispelow's front leg is used to thicken the Whitz Wolf's tail.

     Step Three: (Bottom Right)
          Strengthen the legs using Dispelow's horns!

     Step Four: (Upper Left)
          Lets remove the 3-barrel Long Range Cannons and attach them to the gun unit!

     Step Five: (Bottom Left)
          The head can also be mounted on a BLOX joint.

- One Point of Advice

     Whitz Wolf, which is equipped with joints all over its body, is easier to remodel with BLOX. Let's attach various parts to strengthen its armaments!

- Kenthoro Saurus

     It excels at charging attacks using its huge body. It tears up approaching enemies with the Magnezers on both shoulders and the sharp back spines.

Build Instructions

Create the strongest original Zoids with this customization!

     Step One: (Upper Right)
          The Demonshead and Boldguard parts need to be glued.

     Step Two: (Middle Right)
          The wing parts of the Savinga become its distinctive spines.

     Step Three: (Bottom Right)
          The Boldguard's legs are suitable to increase the volume of its legs.

     Step Four: (Bottom Middle-Right)
          If the joints don't fit, it may be necessary to glue them.

     Step Five: (Top Left)
          The spikes of Demonshead will also become its sharp spines!

     Step Five: (Bottom Left)
          Combine the 5 BLOX in a nice balance.

- RZ-073 Whitz Wolf

     On Planet Zi, in Blue City on the Easter Continent, there was a battle taking place between ZOITEC, which had formed from the Republic, and Zi-ARMS, which had formed from the Empire, in order to create the "Three Ancient Tiger-type Zoids". With the construction of the Whitz Tiger, which was formed from the white Zoid Core, the conflict with ZOITEC intensified...

- Fuselage Explanation

     A huge secret was hidden inside of the wolf-type Zoid, the Whitz Wolf, that the giant enterprise ZOITEC built. Originally, it was an ancient machine that was developed as the tiger-type Zoid, Whitz Tiger, and at its heart was one of the Zoid Cores of the Ancient Tigers of Legend, rumored among Zi Fighters. But the completed machine was a monster of uncontrollable power. The developers, who were afraid of such power, divided the Whitz Tiger into the Whitz Wolf and the small BLOX, Savinga, to seal its abilities. When is the day that these two Zoids meet again, and the Whitz Tiger exerts its true power!?

     Combine with the BZ-023 Savinga to create the Whitz Tiger

Equipment List:
     208mm 2-Barrel Shock Cannon (Chest)
     3-barrel Ion Booster (Lower Back)
     Electron Bite Fang (Mouth)
     Electron Hyper Cannon x2 (Upper Back)
     Strike Zan Claw x4 (Paws)
     Whitz Claw Flap x4 (Backs of Legs)
     Whitz Armor Tail (Tail)

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