- EX Volume 7 - Dimetroptera

    November, ZAC 2108
    The Central Continent of Delpoi, Mount Arthur

    The Republic Army had accomplished a landing on the northeastern part of the Central Continent, and succeeded in crossing Wilson River through the actions of the Leogator force. They continued to travel further south, aiming to recapture their former capital city. Meanwhile, the Empire Army drew back their defensive formations to Mount Arthur, a natural stronghold on the route to the capital. Having learned of the Republic Army's true strength from their defeats so far, the Imperial headquarters decided to deploy their main force, which was stationed in the west of the Central Continent. The defence formations were increasing in combat strength day by day. Wishing to avoid clashing with this huge force head-on, the Republic headquarters planned a surprise air-bombing attack. But the Republic Air Force was weakened, having lost most of its Storm Sworders and Salamanders in earlier battles. Under these circumstances, the newly-produced Blox Dimetroptera was entrusted with this important mission in place of their former main flying Zoids.

    Early November, ZAC 2108. Hundreds of Dimetroptera flew towards the Mount Arthur defence lines and began an intense aerial bombing. Ptera Phoenixes, equipped with Phoenix parts to strengthen their weapons and flight range, had also been added to this attack force. Amidst the fierce battle with the Empire Air Defence Force, the Ptera Phoenixes that had finished dropping their bombs split into two. And this time, the Phoenixes combined with Liger Zeros that had followed them on the ground. They became Liger Zero Phoenixes, and descended on the enemy lines.

    Faced with ever-changing detaching and combining attacks, a corner of the Empire defence formation finally collapsed. And so, in the first match of the Battle of Mount Arthur, the victory went to the Republic Army.

    It was a mere 300 kilometres from Mount Arthur to the former capital as the crow flies. But faced with counterattacks from the Empire Army, which had been reinforced even further, the Republic Army's steady advance finally stopped. Suddenly, a flash sliced through the sky, mowing down the formation of Dimetroptera one after another. It was the Zenebas Cannon. The Seismosaurus' super-long range shooting had begun. "The surface forces will be targeted next."

    The Republic soldiers were assaulted by terror. Another flash came before their eyes. But... The particle beam missed by a long way. The Zenebas Cannon, with its extreme precision, had missed for the first time. The reason the Zenebas Cannon could aim at targets from super-long distance was because electronic warfare Zoids deployed in advance would determine and transmit the exact shooting points. Those electronic warfare Zoids had been exposed to jamming waves emitted by the Dimetropteras. A number of Dimetropteras that had seemed to be shot down had landed on the ground under the guise of crashing. They had transformed into their electronic warfare form, Dimetrodon Mode.

    The Republic Army had finally sealed away the invincible Zenebas Cannon, and gained a method of getting the Gairyuki and other major Zoids close to the Seismosaurus. The day of the showdown between both armies to recapture the capital was close.

    To form the advance guard for the decisive battle, the Dimetroptera force later joined up with the Dispelow force. They combined to form the precision shooting Zoid Cannoneer Dimetro, and moved to attack the enemy forces immediately.

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Translations courtesy of Falcarius! Images courtesy of Green Gairyuki!