- EX Supplementary Story - Energy Liger

    The year is Zac 2107. The "Plot to Capture the Fortified City of Chimera in the Neo-Zenabas Empire" by the Helic Republic's army is continuing to see success due to the relentless surprise attacks by the Liger Zero's Phoenix Unit. The Zero Phoenix Unit has destroyed the enemy's chimera Blox Unit control system. They have also paralyzed the stronghold's defense facilities. The only obstacle now is the Seismosaurus, the single monster that completely annihilated one of the two Zero Phoenix Units.

    The Gairyuki that succeeded in penetrating the stronghold has now fallen under attack by the Seismosaurus, who is counter attacking with its zenebas cannon. It's at point blank range. A direct attack. The blinding flash envelops the Gairyuki. But the Gairyuki endures the same intense energy that evaporated the Zero Phoenix and pierced the heavy armor of Gojulas Giga. 11 condensed panels absorb the majority of the energy. But not without blemish. The particle energy that couldn't be absorbed melts part of the Gairyuki's armor and burns part of the internal circuits that become overloaded. Because of that, it can't return fire on the zenebas cannon.

    Still, cheers erupt from the Republic's warriors. It wasn't perfect, but at last they have obtained the power to withstand the Seismosaurus.

    The trailing Gairyuki #2 and Gairyuki #3 as well as Gojulas Giga penetrate into the fortified city one after the other. The helpless Seismosaurus no longer has any chance to win. "Seize the Seismosaurus!" the command comes down from the frontline headquarters to the warriors of the Republic. Capturing the Seismosaurus unblemished is a military gain equal to that of capturing the fortified city, and right now, that's entirely possible.

    With no chance of winning, Seismosaurus turns his nose around. The trailing Gairyuki and the remaining Zero Phoenix begin their pursuit. Regarding the mobility of the Seismosaurus, even speaking nicely one can't really say anything flattering. There is no way for it to escape. The Republic's pilots must have been thinking the same thing. But they didn't know. There is one more terrifying zoid lurking in the city...

    The lead Zero Phoenix suddenly collapsed like a marionette with severed strings. Some kind of shadow attacked the Zero Phoenix like a gust of wind. The subsequent pilot wasn't visible at those speeds. "Be careful! Something..." before he could finish speaking the shadow went by again, and the 2nd Zero Phoenix stopped moving. "Dodge it! It's above!"

    The third Zero narrowly dodged the shadow because of the shout from an ally behind them. But, the shadow turned around with unbelievable speed, chased it and easily exterminated the 3rd as it frantically tried to reorganize.

    Finally, the shadow stopped moving. It was a lion-type Zoid that the Republic soldiers didn't see but what was that speed? If the monitor's display was correct, the maximum high speed was 600km/h or more. The rotation speed was also twice as fast as the Zero's. The difference in speed in the grappling was decisive. It looked as if the Zero's were stopped. The new model Zoid, the Energy Liger, roared to intimidate the pack of Zeros.

    The Energy Liger is the Empire's next generation experimental high speed machine, which successfully applied tachyon particles to its motive power system. With a conventional high-speed Zoid it's like the difference between a propeller plane and jet plane. In addition to that, it can deal a blow that can bury a Zero with one hit. In a grappling fight it's a Zoid that has strength on another level.

    The Energy Liger retreated slowly, staring at the Zeros and Gairyuki that couldn't move, like they were frozen. On that day before dawn the fortified city Chimera fell into the hands of the Republic Army. But, rather than joy, fear of the fathomless technology of the Empire held the hearts of the Republic soldiers.

Energy Liger - Box Battle Story

    Realizing the astounding performance of the Gairyuki, the Empirical Army developed the Energy Liger as an extremely powerful guard of the Seismosaurus. It is a next generation high speed zoid fully loaded with a wide array of the latest equipment researched and developed by the empire's technological division over many years. Its greatest characteristic is the "energy charger" mounted to its back. It is comprised of a ground-breaking system that motorizes the zoid by accumulating tachyon particles found in rich abundance in the atmosphere of planet Zi and circulating them at intense light speeds throughout the body of the zoid. Because of this, the Energy Liger can reach extraordinary speeds upwards of 660 kilometers per hour. That aspect combined with its energy wings and heavy artillery like the twin-barrel charge cannon and charge Gatling gun powered by the tachyon particles makes this a hand-to-hand combat zoid that boasts unmatched fighting strength as of the year Zac 2107. Its only weakness is that the time it can operate at maximum output is extremely short.

Energy Liger - Wild Liger Explanation

    The Energy Liger is a battle zoid created from the same wild model as the Liger Zero. In response to the Republic's arming themselves with Changing Armor Systems that utilize the efficiency of the Zero design, the Empire determined that there was room to make further developments based on the Zero model. They knew the core of that powerful zoid could withstand the load from high output external power engines, so they devised the Energy Liger which houses two high power engines, its core and the Energy Charger. Along with its overwhelming increase in output, the Energy Liger has become an unusually large heavy armor zoid in the form of a lion.

Energy Liger - Machine Explanation

    The Seismosaurus that rolled out before the Energy Liger is a Zoid that's purpose is to destroy heavy Zoids that specialize in close combat, such as the Gojulasgiga, by bombarding them from a very long distance. Naturally weak at close combat, it's supported by Chimera Blox such as Scissor Storm, Laser Storm, and Stylu Armor. But, presented with Gairyuki's astounding abilities, more and more they had no choice but to throw the powerful Zoid in as an escort.

    And then the high-speed Energy Liger was hurriedly developed, derived from the Liger Zero X.

    The Energy Liger has a lot of new equipment built in from before that's being researched by the Empire's engineers. One is the "Energy Charger" jutting out from its back. It's a ground-breaking power system that doesn't rely on a Zoid core;

    The tachyon particles that planet Zi's atmosphere is rich with are collected, stored and circulate inside the body at the speed of light to convert into power. Using this system and the Zoid cores at the same time, Energy Ligers can move at astounding speeds of up to 660km/h, even though they have the same wild body as the Zero.

    It's main attack is "Wing Slash", where the Energy Charger accumulates thermal energy in the wing blades, and releases it while slashing at the target. The power exceeds the Blade Liger's Laser Blades. Moreover, 2 Charger Cannons and Charger Gatlings can be equipped on the armor; it can fire acceleration beams because of energy from circulating tachyon particles.

    As of ZAC 2107, the Energy Liger was unrivaled in close combat. But, the Energy Charger was still in its prototype stage, and the operating time for maximum output is a short 5 to 10 minutes.

    Weight: 160t
    Depth: 28m
    Height: 12m
    Max Speed: 660km/h

    2 Dual Charger Cannons (Right Side)
    AZ X-Blade (Anti-Zoid) (Head)
    Charger Gatling (Left Side)
    Energy Claws x4 (Feet)
    Energy Wings x2 (Back)
    Gungnir Horn (Head)

    Energy Liger + Laser Storm + Scissor Storm = Energy Storm
    Energy Liger + Stylu Armor = Stylu Energy

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