- EX Volume 10 - Death Raser

- Customize Manual Vol. 2: Death Raser

Storm Raser

     The Death Raser is transformed from melee combat specifications to shelling specifications. By arming the whole body with shelling weaponry, it's possible for it to fire attacks in all directions.

Build Instructions

Create the strongest original Zoids with this customization!

     Step One: (Upper Right)
          Install the Storm Gatling by using the Laser Storm's foreleg!

     Step Two: (Middle Right)
          Remove the rubber cap and attach the Electron Spine!

     Step Three: (Bottom Right)
          There are a lot of BLOX compatible joints included.

     Step Four: (Left)
          A variety of weapons can be attached to the Wing Unit!

- One Point of Advice

     Death Raser, which is equipped with joints all over its body, is easier to remodel with BLOX. Let's attach various parts to strengthen its armaments!

- Red Grizzly

     A bear-type Zoid that provides rear support. It fires the Buster Cannon from the back, bombarding enemies from a long distance while exerting great power even in close range combat.

Build Instructions

Create the strongest original Zoids with this customization!

     Step One: (Upper Left)
          Let's combine the parts in a well balanced manner to highlight the characteristics of the animal! (Representing the back part of the Grizzly)

     Step Two: (Upper Right)
          It'll be more realistic by equipping the weapons and parts included in these kits!

     Step Three: (Bottom Right)
          The Red Grizzly's tail uses the head part of the Deantler!

     Step Four: (Bottom Left)
          Let's make the legs of the Red Grizzly by using the Para Blade's legs!

     Step Five: (Middle Left)
          Cut the Demonshead parts as shown in the image and attach them to the Para Blade legs!

- RZ-074 Death Raser

     On Planet Zi, in Blue City on the Easter Continent, there was a battle taking place between ZOITEC, which had formed from the Republic, and Zi-ARMS, which had formed from the Empire, in order to create the "Three Ancient Tiger-type Zoids". With the construction of the Whitz Tiger, which was formed from the white Zoid Core, the conflict with ZOITEC intensified...

- Fuselage Explanation

     Death Razer is the latest in warfare Zoids built by Zi-ARMS. Its sharp and multifaceted armor is a dangerous weapon while at the same time refracting its enemies beam weapons, reducing the damage that it receives. The back is equipped with large Plasma Blades. Even alone, it's a unit with more than enough combat power. Yet, the true value of the Death Razer lies in its fusion capability. The coalescence of Zoids can cause the core to resonate, making it possible to dramatically increase the basic performance of the base unit. The Death Razer, when combined with the support BLOX Para Blade, becomes the Decalto Dragon, and demonstrates a combat power that surpasses all conventional classes of Zoids.

     Combine with the BZ-024 Para Blade to create the Decalto Dragon

Technical Data:
     Weight: 110.0 tons
     Depth: 22.3 m
     Height: 8.64 m
     Max Speed: 295.0 km/h

Equipment List:
     Electric Claw x2 (hands)
     Electric Discharger (chest)
     Laser Gun x2 (back)
     Plasma Blade x4 (back)
     Strike Claw x2 (feet)
     Tail Sword (tip of tail)

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