- Zoids Concept Art: Zoitech & Zi-Arms

    This section will collect everything from the later NJR era such as Gairyuki, Energy Liger, Whitz, Rayse, etc. This is primarily to easily separate the different kits so that NJR concepts, if we ever get to them do not overwhelm the amount of scrolling on the page. All current concepts come from Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

- Dengeki Hobby Concepts

    The Bird and Ibex were originally part of the three tigers story, mainly Whitz.



Rayse Tiger:

Rayse Tiger had an overwhelming number of variations which included several total redesigns. A lot of the original head concepts seemed to draw from cars as inspiration, and one of the more thought out variations had extra weapon details. All in all there were some amazing designs that went into this.


Another Zoid with a surprising amount of concept art. The Savinga concepts went in depth to detailing the separation of parts and design of the Zoid, including the alternate heads.

Whitz Tiger and Whitz Wolf

Whitz Tiger's design had a lot of random inspirations, and that it would end up a tiger doesn't seem to have been the single concept conceived for the Zoid. Like the Rayse it also had some complete redesigns and reimaginating how the pieces would fit together.