- Zoids Concept Art: Genesis Series

    This page will pertain to the Zoids Genesis anime series and concept art that goes along with it. Surprisingly there is a lot of it included on DVDs but we don't own them all, so making due with what we have!

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine

    As the title may imply, all images below are from the Dengeki Hobby Magazine concept art pages, featured mostly in mid 2000s issues. It shows an interesting variation of designs across the different Zoids, but sadly no Murasame.

- Zoids Genesis DVD Concepts

    All of these were found on the Zoids Genesis DVDs. Particularly volumes 5-8. The size is a lot smaller but they're not too horrible of quality, and with very nice borders and details to boot. Quite a nice extra!

Color Zoid Concepts:

Black and White Zoid Concepts:

Scenery & Assorted Concepts:

Character Concepts: